Harald Frackmann

Harald Frackmann, born 1944 in Plauen, Germany, studied at the Academy of Art  Hamburg, where he lives and works. By various exhibitions in the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg, Kunsthalle Kiel, St. Annen-Museum Lübeck and also Kunstverein Pforzheim he made a name for himself. In his last major exhibition 2009 he showed a representative profile of his oeuvre with 80 works of drawings and paintings at the Falckenberg Collection, Hamburg-Harburg.

Malerei und Foto-Übermalung

In his exibition “Painting and Foto Overpainting” Harald Frackmann presents pictorial positions which show his multifaceted and longstanding work in small oil canvasses and painted over photographies. His work is set between abstraction and figuration. The beholder is compelled to concentrate in order to recognize surprisingly contours and landscapes in the often dark but colorful pictures.